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ANS Crypto Brand Investment -

Australian Nutrition & Sports

ANS Crypto Coin partners with Australian Nutrition and Sports.

ANS Crypto secures 20% interest in Australian Nutrition and Sports Wellness.

Australian Nutrition and Sports offers a range of Health, Nutrition and Wellness products ranging from infant formula, protein powders to health products for seniors, all made in Australia.

Australian Nutrition and Sports also specialises in sports performance products ranging from energy gels, snack bars to convenient ready-to-drink protein products.

The brand has cemented market position in Hong Kong making it easily accessible into China via cross-border channels.

Over the last decade the brand has gained significant recognition placing it to be the next big brand to come out of Australia.

ANS Crypto believes Australian Nutrition and Sports is a Company with a well respected presence and ongoing opportunity from this partnership.

Contact for Investment Opportunity details.

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