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ANS Crypto Strata Property Management

ANS Crypto Strata Property Management.


Investment proposal is in progress.

Currently focusing initially on securing 3-5 properties with a value of over AUD $15m in asset. Generating up to AUD $3m per annum in positive cashflow.

ANS Crypto will expand in the number of properties invested to keep increasing its cash position.

Contact for further information regarding this Investment Opportunity.

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DIVERSE but LUCRATIVE Business Model.


BACKED by the SECURITY of PROPERTY and the daily demand of human life.


CORE INCOME via BC RENUMERATION with ADDITONAL INCOME from maintenance requirements.


OTHER INCOME STREAMS the upside of LETTING and SALES FEES as a minimum.


Allowing for the growth and the demand in lifestyle property and property prices generally plus the benefits of CPI Indexation annually, not only does this business provide uninterrupted cashflow from day one, but inherently grows in value annually which can be maximised with the correct long term management strategy.

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