ANS Crypto to introduce first-of-its-kind manufacturing machine into Australia.
The recent events of Covid-19 shutdown and global implications has cemented the push for Australia to encourage and sustain Australian-based manufacturing. 
With the global demand for Australian dairy products, specifically milk products, ANS Crypto with Australasian Solutions Pty Ltd will establish a manufacturing site with an Aseptic filling machine, the first-of-its kind in Australia.
In line with ANS Crypto's green philosophy, the Aseptic machine offers optimal cost-efficiency and a low environmental footprint. It operates an 100% aseptic filling environment with continuous production run of 200 hours between cleaning and sterilisation cycles. No use of water and almost no chemical use for preform decontamination: H2O2 < 0.7 L per hour Aseptic output range spans from 8,000 to 10,000 bottles per hour.
Australian long-life milk for the export market has been steadily growing with increased demand.  This machine also offers an opportunity for convenient ready-to-go products like flavoured milk and milk protein drinks. Convenience is the future of consumer products and will place Aseptic filling as a popular manufacturing process in future.  
Site plans have been finalised and a suitable factory location is currently being sourced. Eligible government grants offered for new manufacturing will be utilised.
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Land Acquired

Plans are prepared for Council Application