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ANS Crypto is excited to fund this revolutionary Game-Changing Green Technology

ANS Crypto is excited to fund this revolutionary Game-Changing Patent Pending Green Technology 


An innovative Australian company has been developing a new technology for Rapid Cooling of products that will revolutionize commercial refrigeration as we know it.

The unique process developed for rapid cooling products will save businesses thousands of dollars on commercial refrigeration systems and their associated running costs through the use of small portable energy efficient ‘on demand’ chillers.

The use of this low energy chilling system helps to contribute to the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions with game-changing green technology.

With years of research and design spent on perfecting this process, final prototypes are now being trialed before final production designs go to manufacture.

There has already been massive interest with Australian businesses throughout the design and trial period of these chilling machines. One Australian company has already placed an initial order for 1000 machines with view to purchase 2000 more when production is underway.

The applications for this Rapid Cooling Technology are varied and will benefit many businesses from large supermarket, food and beverage chains down to small corner stores. The worldwide applications are immeasurable and the global benefits of lower energy consumption for product chilling will help reduce our global greenhouse gas emissions.

Here is your opportunity to get involved in this exciting innovative ground-breaking new product before it goes to market.

Updated information regarding this technology will be available as the project progresses.

Contact for further details regarding this Investment Opportunity.

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