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ADVANCED NETWORK SECURITIES, ANS Crypto, Initial Coin Offering, (ICO), is a unique opportunity to acquire coin at a discount, that will have its value underpinned by investment into a health and wellness manufacturing plant in the heartland of a prime Australian agricultural region.

This ground breaking project will establish an aseptic manufacturing plant, with ancillary protein powders and capsule manufacturing facility, along with state-of-the-art research and development support, to supply Australian Nutrition and Sports Hong Kong, (ANS), to service their well established markets at home and, for all of the South East Asian region, along with the People’s Republic of China, (PRC).

The project promoter, Australasian Solutions Pty Ltd, has selected the site, engaged Government at all levels to secure support and, has commenced planning discussions with the local municipality for all appropriate development approvals.

The ICO cap has been fixed at US$ 15m, so early take up is vital so as not to miss this opportunity to invest in this the first ANS Coin issue opportunity.

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